Biomass fueled heating appliances

Our laboratory, accredited by ACCREDIA (lab n.204) and Notified Body (NB 1880) performs initial type tests (ITT) on the following types of biomass heating appliances:

  • cookers - EN 12815 standard;
  • inset appliances - EN 13229 standard;
  • roomheaters - EN 13240 standard;
  • pellet stoves - EN 14785 standard;
  • boilers - EN 303-5 standard;
  • residential solid fuel burning appliances - EN 16510-1 standard;

with the evaluation of:

  • carbon monoxide (CO) emission and air and water efficiency under nominal power and reduced power conditions;
  • safety temperatures;
  • tests according to EN 16510 and CEN/TS 15883 for:
    • particulate emission;
    • nitrogen oxides (NOx) emission;
    • OGC (or COT) emission;
    • leak tightness.

Initial type testing of biomass fired appliances allow to issue test reports valid for the CE marking of the product and for the release of:

  • environmental certificate according to Italian D.M. 186/2017;
  • GSE Conto termico 2.0 certificate according to Italian D.M. 15.02 2016;

and assessment of:

We can help you with the evaluation of national emission requirements for:

  • Austria
    art. 15a B-VG;
  •  Germany
    German BIMschV;
    German BAFA;
    German DIN plus;
  •  France
    Flamme Verte requirements (ACTECO is a Verte Flamme recognized laboratory);
  •  UK
    DEFRA English (UK Clean Air Act);
  •  Denmark
    Danish regulation for devices with power <1 MW;
  •  Switzerland
    tests and certifications recognized by VKF ("Vereinigung Kantonaler Feuerversicherungen").

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