MARK THE DATE: February 15th, 2023 – Invitation to an information event for manufacturers of residential solid fuel burning appliances

We announce the information event organized by CEFACD (European Committee of Domestic Heating and Cooking Appliance Manufacturers) and HKI (Industrial Association of Household, Heating and Cooking Technology), in collaboration with SG03WG02 (group of European Notified Bodies operating in the field of tests on residential solid fuel burning appliances) which will be held on February 15th, 2023 from 10:00 to 14:00 CET via web conference.

Participation is free and we encourage all interested parties to participate.

The important issue concerning the transition from the “old” certification standards used up to now (EN 12815, EN 13229, EN 13240, EN 14785) to the new EN 16510 will be dealt with, i.e. how to “requalify” the devices already tested and marked according to the “old” standards based on the requirements of the new EN 16510:

  • will it be necessary to completely retest the appliance;
  • which results can be considered valid;
  • which additional tests will be needed?

This is the link to connect to the web conference:

This is the link to the invitation along with other useful information.

See you on Wednesday February 15th at 10 o’clock.


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